Multimode VCF Slim Line

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  • voltage-controlled multi-mode filter with a cut-off slope of -12 dB / octave
  • four simultaneous outputs are available, each with different characteristics: low-pass (LP), high-pass (HP), band-pass (BP) and notch (N)
  • manual control Frequ. for the cut-off frequency of the filter (the cut-off frequency determines the point at which the respective filter effect appears)
  • two inputs for frequency control by means of external control voltages (frequency modulation, e.g. by ADSR or LFO):
  • control voltage input CV1 without attenuator, about 1V/octave sensitivity
  • control voltage input CV2 with attenuator FCV2 for the adjustment of the modulation depth of input CV2
  • frequency range about 10Hz ... 20kHz
  • manual control Q for the resonance of the filter
  • control voltage input CQ without attenuator for voltage control of the resonance
  • resonance up to self-oscillation, in which case the module will behave like a sine wave oscillator even without audio input signal
  • audio input In with attenuator Level for the adjustment of the filter input level (beyond about pos. 5 clipping/distortion occurs with typical A-100 audio levels)

Doepfer A-121-3

VCF multimodale Linea Slim

Il nuovo A-121-3 di Doepfer è un filtro multimodale molto compatto con risonanza controllabile in tensione. Offre uscite separate per passa-basso, passa-alto, passa-banda e notch.

Specifiche Tecniche

  • 4 HP
  • 50 mm deep
Current Draw
  • 40 mA +12V
  • 30 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V


50 mm


4 hp

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