Expert Sleepers Disting mk4

Multifunctional module with 60 algorithms for processing and generating audio and CV signals

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Expert Sleepers
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Jack of all trades – The Disting Mk4 is a multifunctional module with two inputs and outputs. Close to 60 algorithms are available for processing and / or generating audio respectively CV signals. Oscillator, filter, resonator, wave shaper, LFO, envelope, quantizer, slew limiter, bit crusher, phaser, delay or logic processor are just a few examples of how this circuit can be used. Thanks to a CV input, it is possible to modulate parameters. New in version 4 is a matrix display, which makes browsing through menus a lot easier.  The microSD card slot is now situated on the module’s front panel. An integrated precision clock allows users to employ the circuit as a tuner or for generating reference signals.  
The Disting’s algorithms are divided into five banks with four groups each. In detail, the following modes of operation are available: Bank 1 / Group 1:
  • Precision adder with integer voltage offsets
  • Four quadrant multiplier with integer multiply / divide
  • Full-wave rectifier
  • Minimum / maximum detector
Bank 1 / Group 2:
  • Linear / exponential converter
  • Quantizer with selectable scales
  • Comparator with adjustable hysteresis
  • Dual wave shaper
Bank 1 / Group 3:
  • Sample and hold with noise source and adjustable slew rate
  • Slew rate limiter with linear and exponential slew
  • Pitch and envelope tracker
  • Clockable delay / echo
Bank 1 / Group 4:
  • LFO with through zero frequency control and wave shaping
  • Clockable LFO with multiply / divide and wave shaping
  • VCO with linear FM (Sine and saw outputs)
  • VCO with wave shaping (Saw / triangle and pulse outputs)
Bank 2 / Group 1:
  • Precision adder with fractional voltage offsets
  • Voltage controlled delay line (For vibrato, chorus and flange effects)
  • Clockable ping pong delay
  • Clockable ping pong delay with input pan control
Bank 2 / Group 2:
  • Resonator for drum synthesis
  • Vocoder with twelve bands
  • Phaser with up to ten stages
  • Bit crusher
Bank 2 / Group 3:
  • Tape delay with voltage controlled tape speed
  • State variable filter with smoothly variable filter type
Bank 2 / Group 4:
  • Low-pass / High-pass filter
  • Low-pass / Band-pass filter
  • Band-pass / High-pass filter
  • Band-pass / Notch filter
Bank 3 / Group 1:
  • AR envelope
  • AR envelope with push function
  • AR envelope and VCA
  • AR envelope and VCA with push function
Bank 3 / Group 2:
  • Dual AR envelope
  • Dual AR envelope with push function
  • Euro to Buchla converter
  • Buchla to Euro converter
Bank 3 / Group 3:
  • Clockable AD envelope with mute function
  • Clockable AD envelope with gate function
  • Clockable AD envelope with trigger function
  • Clockable AD envelope and VCA
Bank 3 / Group 4:
  • Shift register (Random CVs)
  • Shift register (Random quantized CVs)
  • Shift register (Random triggers)
  • Shift register (Random dual triggers)
Bank 4 / Group 1:
  • ES-1 emulation
  • ES-2 emulation
  • Pitch reference
  • Frequency reference
Bank 4 / Group 2:
  • Tuner
Bank 4 / Group 3:
  • Crossfade / Pan
Bank 4 / Group 4:
  • Empty
Bank 5 / Group 1:
  • Audio playback
  • Clocked audio playback
  • Audio playback with V/octave
  • Audio playback with Z speed
Bank 5 / Group 2:
  • Empty
Bank 5 / Group 3:
  • MIDI file playback (clocked)
  • MIDI file playback (free running)
  • Audio playback with end CV
Bank 5 / Group 4:
  • Empty
The Disting’s firmware can be updated via its MicroSD card slot.
Two signal inputs (X and Y) Two signal outputs (A and B) CV input (Z)
3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 42 mm deep Power consumption: 50 mA at +12 V and 20 mA at -12 V

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Alessio 26-04-2021

Modulo molto utile, anche se non immediato come utilizzo. Tendo ad avere moduli con una o due funzioni specifiche ma a volte, durante una patch, mi trovo a non aver più a disposizione LFO, o VCA, o inviluppi, o altre utility in generale. In questo caso il Disting salva la situazione, ma sempre con il manuale a portata di mano :) Molto utili i led che indicano la polarità e intensità del segnale in ingresso/uscita.

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Davide 12-03-2023

fantastico modulo ! 60 moduli in uno a questo prezzo, unico !

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