Hexinverter Mutant BD9

Tr909 Analog Bassdrum

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The Mutant BD9 doesn’t want to be a replacement for the Mutant Bassdrum (which still is in production) but a rather 909-esque counterpart, providing a different sound. due to a swtichable square wave and a sub oscillator the module can be silhouetted against the usual 909 sine basses and sound pretty unique. Hexinverter style there are a lot of features like decay envelopes for pitch and volume, voltage control and an accent input. The bassdrum’s frequency is set with PITCH, it can be modulated via a CV input with polarizer and a decay envelope generator. The envelope’s modulation intensity and decay time are adjustable. Another decay envelope controls the level and offers voltage control of decay time. The oscillator’s waveform is selectable between a sine or a square wave. Then there’s a sub oscillator which can oscillate zero, one or two octaves below the oscillator’s pitch and its level is controlled both manually and with a CV. A jumper determines the sub waveform: either a raw square or a slightly low pass filtered one with dampened harmonics. A third sound element is the CLICK, a short percussive attack signal which is dialed in manually and which provides you with some extra punch. The Mutant BD9 is started via the trigger input and an accent CV socket control the overall volume of the module. Output Drive provides some distortion at the output.


30 mm


13 hp

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