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Intellijel ufold II

wave folder/multiplier

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Intellijels offensive of modules with the help of David G. Dixon continues. This neat module can fold waves, audio and control voltages. Classic wave folder /wave multiplier circuits have been analyzed mostly in respect to the sound quality with the result being a simple module with only a few parameters and a versatility range of timbres. In the version 2 the sound and the behaviour has been improved. The FOLDS parameter sets the folding intensity with a potentiometer and/or a CV. The thru-zero SYMMETRY parameter shifts the symmetry of the signal towards or -. This means that the positive and negative portion of the signal are folded in a different way. This parameter can be controlled manually and/or a CV. A switch determines if the input signal passes two, four or six wave folder stages. This has a strong effect on the sound as it gets sharper and more metallic with each stage. The uFold will not only fold audio signals but also control voltages i.e. you can fold LFOs or envelopes… yes, imagine a folded envelope :)


29 mm


6 hp

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