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Pittsburgh Move 208 HP

mobile eurorack modular case

Pittsburgh Modular
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Pittsburgh Modular move 208, mobile eurorack modular case, 2 Rows with each 104hp, Available Depth for Modules: 70mm (62mm above Power Supply), 20 Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail Supports Up To 40 Modules, 80 (4-40 Size) Panel Screws Included, 8 Nickel Plated Steel Corners and Necessary Screws Included, Removable Lid, Side Mounted On/Off Switch, Powered Bus Board supplies +12v / -12v / +5v, incl. 12VAC 5.0A AC Power Adapter, Dimensions: 597 x 178 x 296 mm (WxHxD)


208 hp

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