QU-Bit Octone

Complex Eight step sequencer for melody and rhythm

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Eight step sequencer for melody and rhythm whiich offers a tempo generator, rests, variable sequence length, a quantizer with six scales to choose from and aso glide. Octone is also capable of ratcheting behavior with selectable number of gates and gate length per step. Two modules can be cascaded together to create one duophonic 16-step sequencer. Per step there is a potentiometer for setting the step Cv (0-5V), a button for activating the gate for the according step and an individual gate output. The sum of all gate signals is available at the GATE OUT. The RATE potentiometer determines either the speed of the internal clock generator, or the gate puse width at the GATE OUT when the module is synchronized to an external clock. The RESET socket and the homonymous button are used to reset the sequence. An analog portamento with adjustable time is available. The module can play in a forward, a pendulum or a random mode. Length of sequence is set from one to eight steps with the LENGTH potentiometer. Octone has three alternate modes: - standard mode STD: the module acts as a regular 8-step sequencer - ratchet: in this mode gate repetitions per step are played. If two Octones are coupled it is possible to assign and to play up to 16 ratchets. - tune: It stops the sequencer and is used for tuning individual step CVs as well as to program number and length of gate repeats for the ratchet mode. The sequence can be played non-quantized or it can be limited to following scales by the internal quantizer: Chromatic, Major (ionic), Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Minor Harmonic and Whole Tone.


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