Sputnik Modular 5 Step Voltage Source

5 x 4 step sequencer

Sputnik Modular
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Roughly said the module can be split in two halves: #1 a sequential CV and pulse source alias an analog sequencer. #2 a controllable clock generator / transport section / control central named Pulser. the sequencer is five steps long and has four rows of potentiometers for adjusting step CVs. Besides the CV pots there are per step a pulse output and a "stage select" pulse input. When this input rceives a trigger, the sequencer will jump immediately to this selected step. No, if you patch the pulse ou of one step to the stage select of another step, you are able to set loops between and resets to certain steps! Alternatively you can select each step manually with a button and play through the stages with your fingers. Without a clock you can recall five presets, each with four CVs. Combine the manual step selection with patched resets and generate miniature sequences (the big brother 16-step Voltage Source will make possible to patch a number of short sequences qwithin the 16 steps and to alternate between them using the buttons - like on the Serge TKB. Resets for plain and simple step lilitation can be set with the sliding switches in the stage select section. Besides this function you can also address the steps via a CV at the ADDRESS input and create your own playback directions: risign sawtooth for forwards, faling saw for backwards, triangle for pendulum mode and S&H for random. This expands the creative possibilities of the sequencer. The Pulser is more than just a clock generator but an entire seqeuncer control unit. It's rate range is big: from 0.002 to 10 seconds (equals 0.1Hz to 500Hz) i.e everyhing is possbile from LFO to audio. In audio range you can use the sequencer as a graphic VCO. The rate is voltage controllable as is the gate length (0-100%). the transport functions Start and Stop can be activated manually or via signals. The pulser outputs not only a square but also a sawtooth, which is useful in LFO range. The external clock input TRIG.IN is nomalized to the pulse output. Most fucntions originate in the Buchla 245 module so you can consider the 5-Stage Voltage Source as it's clone. Only the step select buttons are new.


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