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Sputnik Modular 6-Channel Stereo Mixer

Six-channel mixer module with panning

Sputnik Modular
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Six-channel mixer module with panning (even with voltage control on two channels), mute function, a headphone out and main outputs with VU meters. Very good as the final mixer in your system. Each channel has a level control and a mute switch. While channels 2 to 5 offer manual panning, channels 1 and 6 are different: channel 1 is panned left and channel 6 is panned right in their default states, both panorama positions can be voltage controlled, though. There’s a pre-fader mono output that ignores panorama positions and level controls. The 3.5mm headphone output is stereo and features an attenuator. The stereo mix is available at the L+R sockets and it’s level is visualized with two LED chain VU meters.


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