Synthesis Technology E102 Quad Temporal Shifter

4-stage digital delay

Synthesis Technology
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This module contains a 4-stage digital delay for control voltages, a so-called shift register with CV-controlled time delay between shift stages. Internal or external clocking is possible and it has a built-in quantizer. Furthermore it is a digital noise generator with 8 timbres and CV of spectrum. At each clock impulse of the internal clock generator (or of an external clock) the shift register will sample the input CV (or the digital noise when nothing is connected to the input), saves it and sends it to output 1, just like a classic sample & hold. At each further clock this CV will be passed to output 2, then to output 3 and finally at output 4, always one beat later. If you patch the four outputs to four VCOs you will get a canon effect. For pitch applications the E102 features a quantizer that quantizes the CV to semitones (i.e. 0.083V steps). The modes ON and OFF are clear, the FLOW mode deactivates the shift register and copies the quantized CV to all four outputs. The E102’s shift register has an unique feature, a voltage controlled delay function that is used between the shift register outputs. If the delay is set to 4, the sampled CV will be passed from output 1 to 2 not after one clock but with a delay of four clocks, then after four more clocks to output 3 and so on. The delay has three switchable time ranges: short = 1-8 clocks delay; medium = 1-32 clocks delay; long = 1-511 clocks. The digital noise generator offers eight different timbres you can select from using the noise knob or the Noise-CV input. A second socket carries white noise which is not affected by knobs or CVs. The E102 accepts clocks with at least 3Vpp and a maximal frequency of 3kHz. The CV to be sampled has to be in the range of -6V to +6V. The CV inputs accept amplitudes from -5V to +5V with a frequency from DC to 1kHz. Internal clock generator’s rate is 0.5Hz – 925Hz. Clock output emits pulses with 6.5V level.


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