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A tasty potpourri if various random functions, seasoned with some pinches of random and garnished with a rarely seen analog shift register

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A tasty potpourri if various random functions, seasoned with some pinches of random and garnished with a rarely seen analog shift register. Besides random the module can also generate audio signals, because the two fluctuating random voltages also can be used as voltage controlled piched noise sound sources and three different flavours of analog noise are a good base for drum sounds. Single stages of the analog shift register can be broken out and used as sample & hold units. To recreate more or less every function of the Random Sampling using modules of an affordable manufacturer you would require more than the double space and it wouldn’t be significantly cheaper. Fluctuating Random: These two identical sections generate a constantly varying random voltage whose rate of change is set with fluctuation rate and with a control voltage. Its rate goes into audio range, resulting in a sort of pitchable and tonally playable noise. Besides that a random gate signal is generated, not depending on or derived from the random CV, i.e. a gate is not produced only at high voltages but totally arbitrary, useful for triggerred random melodies. Quantized Random: The random voltages in this section are generated by a digital 6 bit circuitry which emits a variable number of stored CV values. The number of possible states is depending on the output and the setting of the voltage controllable Quantization parameter. For instance: if n = 3, output 2ⁿ will play eight values (2³ = 8) and output n+1 four values (3+1 = 4). Analog Shift Register: An extremely rare function in Eurorack is an analog shift register (ASR), virtual a multistage, cascaded sample & hold which passes its outpout to the input to the next S&H stage at a trigger or when pressing the button. If several identially tuned VCOs are connected to the ASR the played melody is delayed at each outpu and the VCOs play in a canon. Very easy trick for creating arabesques. Each sample & hold can be broken out of the cascaded chain to be used separately. For this reason each S&H has one input, one output and a trigger input. Noise Source: Here you find three sound sources: white noise, pink noise and metallic noise. Latter ist a mix of square wave oscillators with different, fixed frequencies and it resembles the TR-808’s cowbell/cymbal sound source.


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