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Tierra Audio introduces Injector at NAMM 2022. An ultra-high quality passive injection box that will become the best ally to boost and squeeze the most out of the creative possibilities offered by the Flavours Preamps.

Designed and handmade in Spain with the highest quality materials, Injector delivers impeccable results, with a noise level below the best DI on the market and with the guarantee of quality and design that TIERRA Audio grants.

Tierra Audio Injector
Tierra Audio Injector

Injector becomes the most reliable and transparent option to pick up the maximum detail of the sound and the coloring of the Flavours Preamps but also for line and instrument signals. The perfect complement to the recording chain that makes impedance matching as easy as possible and at the same time respects the tone of the instruments.

Equipped with a Lundahl transformer of the highest quality, Injector produces a completely flat signal, without distortion or harmonic distortion and above all, without noise. Bright and flashy on the outside, discreet and quiet on the inside.

Injector allows you to use our Flavours Preamps with signals taken from your DAW or instruments, in an absolutely reliable and honest way.