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Explore our selection of parametric, semi-parametric and graphic equalizers for professional use in rack or 500 series format.

    All the equalizers in our professional outboard catalog dedicated to recording, mixing or mastering, have been carefully selected to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of sound quality and equipment reliability, both for use in the recording studio and in situations of greater technical stress, such as in the broadcast field or in live applications, concerts or events.

    What does it mean to Eq a sound?

    Equalizing a sound means modifying the tonal and harmonic content of an audio track, by cutting or emphasizing specific frequencies.

    Most often, the equalizer is used for corrective purposes, therefore to improve minor imperfections of the recording, or in a “creative” way, to give the sounds the right position within a mix. The equalizer is also the indispensable tool, together with the compressor, for mastering; necessary to correct or control a master in order to obtain the perfect balance between the frequencies of a song, to make it compatible to all reproduction platforms such as hi-fi systems, television, radio, car, etc.

    It should never be forgotten that equalizing a sound in a slight, or more incisive way, is always an operation that involves a small degradation of the audio signal, as well as a phase shift around the cutoff frequency.

    This is the reason why equalizers are often used with minimal corrections, favoring Digital EQs or, if analogue, of very high quality and build quality.


    How to choose the most suited Eq

    As with other analogue outboard, each EQ has its own timbral characteristic and, depending on the type of use or type of work (Recording, Mix, Mastering, Broadcast or other) it is essential to identify the most suitable equalizer.

    Equalizers with a very high signal-to-noise ratio such as the Maselec or GML parametrics (now out of production) are ideal for mastering, instrument tracking or for positioning a voice within a mix.

    Digital equalizers or plug-in format such as WEISS are preferable in broadcast use.

    Great value is also given to tube equalizers and passive EQs, which are characterized by their extremely musical intervention; they are ideal in mix or in mastering.

    To support your choices, the Milk Audio Store staff is at your complete disposal to find the most suitable equalizer for your needs.

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