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Do you need a drum machine? You’re in the right place! Thanks to our experience in the field of audio production, we have selected the drum machines with the best sound and construction quality.

For an electronic musician it is essential to have a beat that guarantees an excellent foundation to start a track. With our drum machines you will be able to create your beat in a fast and intuitive way, thanks to integrated sequencers, MIDI compatibility and a rich and refined sound.

    You can choose analog drum machines and clones of the classic Roland drum machines thanks to Acidlab (leading clone brand) or a more avant-garde sound like Arturia, Jomox, Elektron and Dave Smith.

    Also in this section you will find all the synthesizers designed to generate percussive sounds like the Moog DFAM or the Elektron Digitakt that will allow you to sample and play any sound.

    Analog and digital Drum Machines

    The obvious difference between an analog and digital drum machines will be the sound and the type of approach.

    The analog drum machines feature a rounder and slightly imperfect sound that makes the beat lively and less static. In addition, the approach strongly linked to the machine that has a more limited timbre section, but do not be fooled because the sounds will be more focused and colored.

    Digital drum machine, on the other hand, offer a wide selection of sounds and a more immersive approach, guaranteeing excellent timbral manipulation in order to create more abstract sounds.

    This does not mean that you cannot create more realistic and dynamic beats using the full potential of digital technology.
    It is important to be aware of the choice depending on the kind of music you are going to produce. We are at your complete disposal to give you maximum support on all electronic drum machines on the market.

    What are you waiting for? Write or call us and describe your project to our specialist who will be able to offer you the best solution.

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