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Welcome to the section of Milk Audio Store dedicated to Eurorack Cases. If you are looking for a case that suits you here you will find all the best cases to power your Eurorack modules, travel or studio cases of various sizes (HP) and with integrated power supply.

    The choice is very important because you will have to find the case with the most suitable dimensions for your studio or to be able to take it with you during live shows or on the road. Moreover, with our support you will also have the opportunity to buy the best power supplies, rails and bus-boards to assemble your personal case.  

    Buying an Eurorack case: useful advice

    It is important to evaluate the size of your case before buying to get the best possible configuration. The choice of our cases is based on the quality of construction and finishing, but above all on a power supply that can guarantee maximum performance and safety for your modules. You can rely on the staff of Milk Audio Store for a careful and detailed choice in the composition of your Eurorack system in the most suitable case. Our staff will be happy to guide you to find the solution best suited to your needs by offering high-quality and innovative cases such as Make Noise, Intellijel, Arturia or cases for you to carry comfortably as the MDLR, Frap Tools or Pittsburgh, but also those more suitable for the studio as the Doepfer, which can be expandable vertically and horizontally ensuring maximum comfort. What are you waiting for? Come and visit us or contact our modular synthesis expert Davide Ricci at

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