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Welcome to Milk Audio Store’s Synthesizers department. Here you can find integrated, semi-modular, desktop or keyboard synthesizers and MIDI / USB control surfaces.

    Synthesizers are now the most used instruments in music production and sound design and every musician has more and more the need to touch their instruments for a more direct and immediate approach.

    On this page, in addition to Synthesizers, you will be able to discover the best MIDI / USB control surfaces that you can use to pilot your VSTs or Plug-ins easily and quickly, once again having a direct and immediate approach to your productions.

    Today the choice of these tools and the features offered are very wide, there is a wide range of analogue, modular, digital and DSP-based synthesizers on the market, and constant innovation and creativity that opens the door to new concepts of synthesis and approaches with the instrument.

    Furthermore, every day something new comes out that is compatible and can be combined with modular systems.


    The best keyboard synths, at the right price

    We are pleased to have in our catalog the best brands on the market such as Moog, Dave Smith, Korg, Novation, Arturia, Waldorf, Elektron, Studio Logic, Access and many others.

    The Milk Audio Store Staff is highly qualified to support you and guarantee the best choice that reflects individual needs, offering targeted solutions and expert assistance on all the products in our catalog.

    We have a synthesizer specialist and a well-equipped demo area to show all the latest releases, so if you are interested in this world or need some help or information, call us or visit us in our showroom in Rome.

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