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Genelec offers the possibility to try its @home studio monitors

Here is the opportunity you’ve always wanted to try Genelec monitors with peace of mind in your listening environment. The Create with Genelec campaign begins on September 5. Here’s how it works.

Who can sign up?

Musicians, DJs, audio engineers, producers, sound designers, vloggers, videographers and more. If you’re creative and you work with sound, we’d love to hear from you.

How does it work?

We’ll deliver the monitors to a participating Genelec dealer as part of a complete Pro at Home system. The dealer’ll help coordinate the logistics and finalise the details of your 10 day trial. At the end of the trial period, the dealer will arrange to collect the system from you – it’s that simple.

Start creating & share the love.

When you get a taste of what it means to have your very own sonic reference – and how it can help feed your creativity and improve your mixes – we hope that you’ll share your Genelec experience with fellow content creators and followers.

Ready to create with Genelec?

Just fill out the registration form at this link, and you will get in touch with Genelec.

The Genelec Pro at Home system includes:

  • One pair of 8330 Smart Active Monitors in RAW finish
  • GLM room calibration kit
  • Mic stand
  • Set of connecting cables
  • All packed in a protective, hard-shell PELI case


Genelec offers the possibility to try the 8330 monitors in your listening environment. In this way you have the opportunity to experience first hand the performance of Genelec monitors and to understand how the GLM calibration software can optimize the listening in your room. The number of loan units is limited, and applications are handled in the chronological order of booking. Genelec reserves the right to cancel the reservation in the event that the number of requests exceeds the permitted quantity.

In exchange for the loan, we welcome the receipt of photos and video material on your experiences with the monitors and with the GLM system. Genelec reserves the right to use this material in its social media channels.

To participate in this “loan” program, simply fill out the form on the ‘Create with Genelec’ page. Genelec will forward your details to a reseller participating in the campaign, who will contact you and take care of the practicalities of the loan. The loan period is 10 days. You can agree on the start and end dates of the loan with the reseller. In posts and stories, use the official hashtag #createwithgenelec.

The terms and conditions of each loan will be set by the reseller. The loan may be subject to the request for credit card data and shipping costs may be required. The reseller will inform you about the loan conditions once you have signed the form. The Create with Genelec campaign runs from 24 September until 10 December 2021.