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From September 1 to 30, 2023, the SD-1 and SP-1 microphones are on promotion with a special price.

SD-1 is Universal Audio’s new dynamic microphone perfect for live or studio recording, with cardioid polar pattern, selectable switches for “low cut” and “articulation boost,” plus various Channel Strip presets for Apollo to quickly achieve optimum performance. With SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone you can shoot voices, instruments, livestreams, and podcasts with professional performance, quickly achieving brilliant studio sound ready for broadcast. SD-1 offers studio-quality sound and style, no matter where the recording takes place. It is tailored for speech and close-miked voices, with a simple dynamic design that rejects background noise such as fans and other external interference.

Universal Audio’s SP-1 pair of condenser microphones features a cardioid polar pattern, various Preset Channel Strips on Apollo for instant professional sound, and includes various accessories. With the SP-1 pair of narrow-diaphragm microphones, you can record, in stereo acoustic instruments, drums, percussion and live performance, with crystal-clear fidelity to instantly achieve perfect sound. The SP-1’s classic cardioid design, high SPL tolerance, and smooth, clear high range always provide clean capture of acoustic guitars, drum overheads, percussion, horns, and more-at any volume, in any environment.