Dangerous Music MONITOR SR

Surround Expansion for Monitor ST

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Dangerous Music MONITOR SR

Surround Expansion for Monitor ST

The Monitor SR is the surround expansion module for the Monitor ST. Require 5.1? 7.1? 10.2 or greater? No problem. The system is completely scalable- all based around the Monitor ST and remote.

– Speaker Switching (3 Sets) Plus Independent Subwoofer Control & Filtering
– Speaker Offsets for Level Matching
– Analog Input Switching Between 4 Stereo or Surround Sources (-10 dBv or +4 dBu)
– Separate Stereo Aux Input Path
– Fully Programmable Remote with Simple Cat-5 Cable Connectivity
– Analog Stepped-Attenuator Volume for Consistent Imaging at all Levels
– Assignable Subwoofer Output:
Select and Store what Speakers follow the Sub.
– Talkback, Solo, Dim, Mute and Mono Controls
– Built-in Talkback Mic and Remote Mic Input
– Pristine 20 Watt Headphone Amplifier for Dynamics and Inspiration
– Expandable: Add Multiple SR Units for Extended Surround Formats

Monitoring is the most crucial stage in the audio chain. An inferior system facilitates poor mix decisions by forcing the engineer to compensate for limitations. For example, if transients are choked by cheap components and design shortcuts, the unnecessary high end added to a mix will spike like Mount Everest on other playback devices. When mating a compressor, limiter or eq with a track- how can it be judged without honest monitoring? The Monitor ST/SR is the outcome of real world experience combined with mastering grade components. Don’t let a lesser monitor rig hold your audio hostage.

– Continuously Variable Level Offset on Input 4: Conduct True A/B Comparisons Between the Mix and Commercial CDs by Reducing the CD’s Level.
– Programmable Output Level Offsets: SR Utilizes Continuously Variable Trims for L-R Rear, Center, and LFE.
– Assignable Subwoofer Output: Select and Store What Speakers Follow the Sub.
– Programmable Subwoofer Level Offset: Adjust and Store Subwoofer Levels.
– Mute and Solo Speakers in any Combination.
– Selected Source Output: Send source signals to external meters or any other outboard device.

Like all Dangerous Music products, Monitor ST/SR leverages mastering-grade components selected for both performance and sound, and is tested to draconian tolerances to ensure stunning & accurate imaging, headroom, punch and detail, so that you can know with confidence that you are making the right recording, mixing and mastering decisions. DC coupled circuit design means that that no transformers color your sound and no filter caps smear stereo. What you hear is what you’ve got. No limited bandwidth, no transient suppression–just the unadulterated truth.


– Gain Tracking Accuracy: better than 0.05dB for 6 channels
-THD+N: 0.002%
-IMD: 0.003%
-Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz -0.1 dB
-Crosstalk Rejection: >96dB
-Nominal Input Level: +4dBu or -10dBV
-Crossover: -3dB @57Hz 18dB/Octave modified Butterworth/Chebyshev
-Headphone Amp: 0.002% THD+N
-Headroom: +25 dBu to main outputs

Monitor Outputs (Stereo)


Headphone connector




Remote Control




Hardware format


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