Hexinverter VCNO -VC Noise Oscillator

innovative noise oscillator and random gate generator.

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Hexinverters VCNO is an innovative noise oscillator and random gate generator. The module utilizes a Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) to produce sound. Its results range from white noise to digital sounding swooshes and crackles, which are reminiscent of old video game consoles. – And yet, the VCNO is completely made of discrete analog hardware.

For processing signals, the module offers several additional circuits. All in all, four colors of noise plus coincidentally occurring gate signals can be tapped off.  – A very versatile sound source, which is perfectly suited for creating drum sounds as well as atmospheric special effects.

The VCNO’s Linear Feedback Shift Register generates sequences made of pseudorandom square waves. As long as the frequency of these progressions is above the audio spectrum, humans perceive them as white noise. Lower values lead to digital sounding results. Pseudorandom means that, eventually, the sequence will repeat. However, at a speed of 120 BPM, this would take several months to happen.

The sequences’ frequency can be adjusted via a potentiometer. Additionally, there is a pitch CV input plus bipolar attenuator, which works either in a linear or exponential fashion. A jumper on the module’s circuit board decides which mode is used. Alternatively to the internal clock, users can feed an external signal to the VCNO. Sound generated by the LFSR is emitted at the noise output.

Furthermore, the signals are fed into several processing stages. Results can be tapped off three additional connectors. Scrch (Screech) delivers aggressive, howling sound, which is adjustable in pitch via another jumper on the circuit board. Sizzle removes individual square waves from the audio material. A potentiometer is used to determine the degree of processing. The outcome ranges from white noise to the sound of steak roasting on a barbecue grill and vinyl crackles. The Tear output emits dark colored noise, which appears kind of defective.

Last but not least, the VCNO comes equipped with a connector, which spits out random gate signals. – Great for triggering drum voices like hi-hats or percussion modules.



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