Intellijel Shapeshifter

Complex VCO

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Dual complex, morphable wavetable oscillator with extremely high resolution Thru-Zero FM, sequencing- and morph presets, elaborate sync options and an analog wave folder. The Shapeshifter can work as cloud generator, resonator or 64-band resonator and offers a non-volatile memory for 12 presets.
Each VCO is a wavetable oscillator with access to 128 wave form banks, each bank containing 8 waves with 512 samples. Voltage vcontrolled morphing thru the wavetables within a bank with smooth interpolation.
In Chord mode VCO1 acts like 8 VCOs you can detune against each other and offers extensive modulation possibilities up to 98kHz
An analog wave multiplier, known from the uFold module is available for processing signals.
12 presets can be saved in non-volatile memory, beside that there are 52 volatile memory slots. You can step thru the presets or even sequence them. Also it is possible to morph between a preset and the current potentiometer setting.
User selectable modes for the PULSE output: OR, AND, XOR, GLCH, +OSC1, EOC, +OSC2, -OSC2
MOD A and MOD B allow for special modulations in audio rate like vocoder, waveform tilt, combinations of oscillators, phase modulation etc.



44 mm


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