Make Noise Shared System Black / Gold Plus (Steel case)

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The Shared System Plus is a full-blown modular synthesizer with eleven Make Noise modules. It comes equipped with audio generators, low-pass gates, effects, modulators, a haptic controller and a sequencer. In contrast to the normal Shared System, a Tempi clock tool is built-in as well. The unique CV Bus was designed to conveniently distribute control voltages. In addition, the 1U panel features a preamplifier and an output section. The Shared System Plus can be expanded with additional modules, as twelve HPs are covered by blind panels.

The Shared System Plus is housed in a portable case made out of steel. It features rubber feet, a carrying handle and a lid. The instrument can be transported with patch cables plugged into the modules.
The Shared System Plus meets airline requirements for carry-on baggage. It offers 208HP of space. 196 HP are occupied by modules. The rest is covered by blind panels, meaning the instrument is expandable.

The Shared System Plus comes with 30 patch chords of varying length. An external, brick-style switching power supply is included in delivery as well. It can be used worldwide.

Power specs: 1.5 A at +12 V, 1 A at -12 V and 1 A at +5 V


  • Maths: Dual function generator with offset and mix
  • ModDemix: Dual ring modulator / VCA
  • DPO: Complex dual oscillator
  • Optomix: Dual low-pass gate with mix function
  • Echophon: Pitch shifting & echo
  • Erbe-Verb: A very unique and fantastic reverb
  • Wogglebug: Clockable, rather weird signal generator for CVs and audio
  • Pressure Points: Touchplate controller with three CVs per plate
  • René: Cartesian sequencer
  • Morphagene: Experimental sampler
  • Tempi: Creative clock divider / multiplier / generator

CV Bus:

  • Pre-amp: 1/4″ mono input, gain control, 3.5mm output
  • Quad routing buss with color indication
  • Output section: 2x 3.5 mm mono inputs (L normalized to R), level control, 1/4″ TRS output.


Differences between the Shared System and the Shared System Plus:

The most important difference between both modular systems is the Tempi module, which is only included with the Shared System Plus. Furthermore, the cases differ as well. Both have advantages and disadvantages:

Shared System: Wooden case with scratch resistant coating – Extremely rugged, but a little heavier than the Plus case.

Shared System Plus: Steel case – A featherweight, but more prone to scratches.


Instead of the standard faceplates, the modules used for the Shared System Plus feature a black design with white and gold graphics. The knobs are black / gray and black / white.

Please note: The photo shows a system with wooden case. – However, the Shared System Plus features a case made out of steel.


Input for external power supply (15V DC, center positive)
The inputs and outputs of the individual modules are listed on the corresponding product pages.


Two 3U rows for modules, one 1U row for the CV-Bus
Dimensions: 55 x 32,5 x 17,5 cm (with lid)
Internal depth: 6.4 cm


7.711 kg




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