Neve Genesys Black

Analog/ DAW console

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Neve Genesys Black

Analog/ DAW console

Armed with the sonic firepower of a classic Neve console and decked out with both touchscreen DAW control and cutting-edge integration, the Neve Genesys Black puts everything you need, right at your fingertips. While sitting at command central, you’ll have quick access to eight 1073-loaded channel strips, each controllable by faders on the left side. From there, you can reach out and direct core DAW functions using the central touchscreen and the sixteen faders below it. Then, on the right, you’ll find eight more faders under the Genesys Black’s dedicated 5.1-ready monitor section, giving you analog control of eight aux buses  . With up to  32 mono  inputs into the stereo mix  bus and a mix-down mode that gives you 32 faders for full-fledged DAW control, you’ve never met a digital-meets-analog console this committed to adapting to your workflow. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Flexible I/O to meet a wide range of workflows
  • Steer your DAW with OSX and Windows-ready touchscreen
  • Thirty-two faders provide a flexible workflow
  • Premium monitor section drawn directly from the 88RS
  • Eight channel strips of classic Neve sound and processing
  • Digital I/O at 192k with Neve-quality converters
  • Upgradable and expandable to meet your evolving needs

Flexible I/O to meet a wide range of workflows
If you could use just one word to describe the Neve Genesys Black, it would be versatile. Neve went to work adapting their renowned Genesys console to perfectly meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s project studios. With eight Neve channel strips, anchored by popular 1073 pres, the Genesys Black gives you the Neve sound when you want it, while offering plenty of room to tie in your own outboard  gear should  you need additional processing . In fact, for large-scale sessions, the Genesys Black allows for mixing up to 32  mono line-ins into the stereo mix  bus, and also provides  two inserts per channel strip. Adding to the I/O complement are eight group buses, two main outputs, four stereo  effects returns, two cue mixes, and complete talkback control.

Steer your DAW with OSX and Windows-ready touchscreen
The Neve Genesys Black takes visual and tactile control to a new level by incorporating a touchscreen into the center of your workflow. Plug-and-play compatible with your OSX and Windows DAWs, the Neve Genesys Black touchscreen allows you to intuitively take control of your session for a decidedly more modern, convenient, elegant approach than outdated click-and-drag mouse workflows. What’s more, a precision metering panel with 16 split meters capable of showing 32 mono channels  complements the visual feedback from the DAW touchscreen, giving your hands and eyes the chance to fluidly work together in the flow of your sessions.

Thirty-two faders provide a flexible workflow
You’ll find 32 motorized faders on the Neve Genesys Black, each ready to work the way you need it to. When you’re tracking, you can use the eight faders on the left to control your inputs, the sixteen in the middle to make DAW adjustments, and the eight on the right for all your aux duties. Then, when you’re ready to get your hands on your mix, you can switch the Neve Genesys Black into DAW mode, spreading 32 channels across the 32 faders that, yes, are fully DAW-automated.

Premium monitor section drawn directly from the 88RS
Understanding that monitoring flexibility can be as key as I/O, Neve drew from the 88RS in designing the Neve Genesys Black. What you get are two sets each of mono, stereo, and 5.1, readying the Neve Genesys Black for a wide variety of monitoring workflows. You can even bring in a 5.1 external source into the monitoring section.

Eight channel strips of classic Neve sound and processing
Although the Neve Genesys Black certainly knows modern, it’s schooled in classic, too. The Genesys Black offers up eight channel strips, anchored by the heralded 1073 preamps. As for the EQ, it’s a 4-band VCA design with a filter  taken straight from the Neve 88RS console , and you can even opt to fit genuine Neve 1084 Classic EQ. The optional  dynamics are traditional Neve VCA  and all EQ/Dynamics parameters can be easily saved and instantly recalled later.  The net result? Just enough of the iconic Neve sound onboard and always at the ready, with the I/O flexibility to incorporate the other tones, flavors, and characteristics your projects call for.

Digital I/O at 192k with Neve-quality converters
On the Neve Genesys Black, digital I/O comes in the form of Firewire, AES, and MADI. Notably, there are three possible D/A I/O paths within each channel strip: two inputs and a  direct output. These three paths can be sent to and from the A/D converters. Speaking of converters, they sport the same circuit as the Neve DPD, offering up 192kHz performance at the kind of precision and quality you’d expect from Neve.

Upgradable and expandable to meet your growing needs
Understanding that your needs are unique and might change over time, Neve offers a variety of upgrades and options for the Genesys Black. Whether you seek full-fledged A/D/DA on all the monitor outputs, or seek to make changes to your EQ or dynamics options, Neve has made sure the the Genesys Black can adapt to a range of environments and workflows


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