Pittsburgh MIDI2

Two-channel MIDI/CV-interface

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Two-channel MIDI/CV-interface that can be used duophonic as well. Additional clock output for synchronizing analoge sequencers to MIDI-Clock.

The MIDI2 module has per channel a CV output and a gate output for converting MIDI notes and and MIDI Note-On/Note-Off information into voltages.

The CV outputs have a 1V/octave characteristic over 10 octaves and also carry Pitch-Bend information. The gate outputs provide you with a 0-5V gate.

The operation modes are available:

– M: Monophonic – Gate2 and CV2 outputs mirror the outputs of Gate1 and CV1. Monophonic mode works great when using a modular as a single voice synthesizer.
– P: Duophonic. The Midi2 module uses the two sets of Gate and CV outputs to allow two notes to be played simultaneously. The first midi note is sent to the Gate1 and CV1 outputs and the second is sent to the Gate2 and CV2 outputs. Duophonic mode is perfect when working with a two voice modular synthesizer.
– D: Dual Monophonic. Gate 2 and CV2 outputs are controlled by a different midi channel than the Gate 1 and CV 1 Outputs. Dual Monophonc mode allows a modular to be controlled by two separate sets of midi data. This mode works well when using a modular as two single voice synthesizers

The Sync output converts the MIDI clock into analog clock.



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