Royer Labs RSM-SS251

Sling-Shock shock mount for ELAM 251, U-47, U-87, etc.

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Royer Labs RSM-SS251

Sling-Shock shock mount for ELAM 251, U-47, U-87, etc.

The RSM-SS251 Sling-Shock was designed to fit certain iconic microphones that have long been plagued by traditional shock mount issues – stretched saggy cabling, loose fits that invite falls, and unreliable long-term service due to degraded rubberized parts. The RSM-SS251 does away with these problems permanently, while giving your precious classic a secure hold with superior isolation and flexibility in positioning.

The Sling-Shock (Patent No. 8,571,250) represents a major step forward in shock mount systems. With NO rubber parts or elasticized cables that often fail and need replacing, the Sling-Shock provides superior isolation from shocks, vibrations and self-resonance while holding the microphone securely. It’s built Royer-solid and comes with a lifetime warranty. For more information on Sling-Shocks, see

The felt lining in the RSM-SS251’s mic chamber protects the finish of your classic microphone and allows for a snug, no-scratch fit.

The RSM-SS251’s chamber accommodates microphones approximately two inches (50mm) in diameter.

List of microphones the RSM-SS251 fits

• Telefunken ELAM 251 and 251E (original and new)
• Neumann U-67
• Neumann U-87
• Bock Audio 251
• Peluso 22 251
• Audio Technica AT 4047 / SV
• Audio Technica AT4060
• Miktek CV3
• Mojave Audio MA-1000
• Mojave Audio MA-200 and MA-201fet
• Mojave audio MA-300 and MA-300fet

Sling Shock Features:

– Superior isolation from vibration, shock and rumble
– Lack of self-resonance on high SPL applications
– Felt-lined, scratch-free microphone chamber holds mic securely
– No rubberized parts to degrade or stretch
– Built in microphone cable clip minimizes cable-related vibration
– Flexible for easy microphone positioning


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