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This section is dedicated to to recording studio gear and professional Outboard for Recording, Mix and Mastering.

Studio gear to improve sound quality, complete your audio chain or increase the tonal nuances of your setup.

In this section you will find Microphone Preamps, Compressors, Equalizers, Channel Strips and Multieffects. Everything you need to improve your recording or production studio.

Since we cater to audio professionals, for us the sound quality and reliability of all studio mixing and recording equipment is a priority. Therefore the entire Milk Audio Store catalog is the result of careful selection among the best international manufacturers of studio equipment, giving great importance to build quality, reliability of the brand, in terms of support, assistance, and product warranty.

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    Set up your studio with the best professional Outboards

    To facilitate the search we have divided the section into:

    • Microphone preamps, rack format or 500 series, solid state or tube. You will find the right combination for any microphone.
    • DI Box, mono or stereo, active or passive, to acquire Instrument or unbalanced signals without any loss of quality
    • Equalizers, rack format or 500 series, parametric, semi-parametric or graphic. Active or passive. Whether you need to record, mix or master, you will find the solution that best suits your goal.
    • Analog Compressors, Rack format or 500 series, VCA, Vari-Mu, Opto or Fet.
    • Channel Strips; the best Pres, the best EQs, the best compressors combined in no-compromise recording channels
    • Effects, stereo or multi-channel, dedicated to Mixing or Broadcast.


    In each subsection you can further filter your search based on:

    • Hardware format: 500 series, rack format or many other standards, such as Solid State Logic X-Rack or Neve 1073/1084 or 8048.
    • Number of Channels: Mono, Stereo, Multichannel.
    • Possibility of adding optional AD or DA cards

    Enter the Outboard section now to improve your studio and meet the most demanding requirements of the professional audio market.

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