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    • Expert Sleepers Disting mk4

       170,00 incl.VAT

      Multifunctional module with 60 algorithms for processing and generating audio and CV signals

    • Cwejman MX-4S

       779,99 incl.VAT

      4-in-2 Mixer with voltage controleld level and panorama for each channel

    • Intellijel Quad VCA

       199,00 incl.VAT

      Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier and Cascaded Mixer

    • Make Noise DynaMix

       159,00 incl.VAT

      DynaMix is a two-channel low-pass gate with clever level functions and an integrated mixer

    • XAOC Devices Praga

       460,00 incl.VAT

      four-channel stereo mixer with volume , pan , aux , mute

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