Arrel Audio R-509

Single Band VCA Compressor

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Arrel Audio R-509

Single Band VCA Compressor

ARREL Audio R-509 is an advanced mono band VCA compressor, conceived to offer to the 500 series user the superior audio performance of the ARREL audio high level products. The R-509 is characterized by high reliability, rugged design, outstanding audio quality, versatility and ease of use typical of the tradition of ARREL Audio products. The R-509 is characterized by an extreme flexibility in a single slot 500 module. It includes the following features:

One of the most interesting feature of the R-503 is the possibility to patch the unit from the front panel (Bantam jacks) for an easy connection to other modules avoiding the access to the back panel.

The R-509 is characterized by high quality input and output buffers, new topology for envelope detector and VCA architecture, Attack and Release three position switches, LO cut switch on the envelope detector, Compression Ratio ranging from 1:1 to ∞:1 (limiter) and Variable Threshold in the range [-20dBu, +12 dBu], Flexible metering system (Gain Reduction, Output Level), Side Chain External input, Side chain stereo link (on the backplane lunchbox), True by-pass function.

The R-509 coupled with the R-503 and the R-501 ELITE allows to build a complete channel strip by patching the modules using the BANTAM connectors on the front panel with an incredible added flexibility.

R-506 is the one of the ARREL 500 series modules (the other models are R-501,R-501 ELITE, R-502, R-503, R-504, R-505, R-506) designed to give to the professional user the best audio tools for its application. To obtain an outstanding audio quality, no servo amplifiers are used in the R-506 so it is not possible to unbalance the line out of the R-506.

Technical Specifications

Number of Channels: 1
Power Supply +/- 16 V DC, very low power supply currents with respect to the API 500 standard
Power Consumption 120 mA
Line Input Electronically Balanced,
Impedance 20KΩ,
Input Level +4dBu, Max +20 dBu.
Output Level Electronically Balanced,
Level +4 dBu, Max +27 dBu,
Output Impedance 100 Ω
Bandwidth 5 – 150 KHz +/-1 dB, perfect square wave up to 20 KHz
Distortion + Noise <0.003% ( typical 0.001%).
Front Panel Controls True By-Pass button (LED),
DRY-WET mix knob,
LO-HI mix knob,
OUT level knob, Ratio knobs (HI and LO) 1:1 to ∞:1,
Threshold knobs (HI and LO) -20, +13 dBu,
Attack switch (separate HI and LO): three positions (slow, mid, high)
Release switch (separate HI and LO): three positions (slow, mid, high)
Mode switch: dual band, mono band dry, mono band with side chain controlled by a LO cut filter.
Crossover frequency control
Metering selection switch: three positions (Ho compression, LO compression, Output level) True By-Pass button (LED),
Crossover Frequency Bands 50Hz-500 Hz OFF-ON-X10 SWITCH in ON position -6dB/Oct
500Hz-5000 Hz OFF-ON-X10 SWITCH in X10 position -6dB/Oct
Rear Panel Input Connectors API 500 compatible connectors
Front Panel Connectors Stereo link connector
External side chain connector
Construction Compliant 500-series rack with PSU and external audio connections,
Single 500-series rack slot required for each R-501 module.
Dimensions Standard API 500
Weight TBD kg.
Hardware format

500 Series


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