Audiolinear Axis (Used)

Passive monitor controller

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Audiolinear Axis (Used)

Passive monitor controller

The zero compromise passive desktop monitoring controller

AXIS is a zero compromise, high-end desktop monitor controller. AXIS is entirely passive in its design, and offers a completely transparent signal path. There are no active electronics to add interference or distortion to your source.

Inherent Quality

AXIS has a high-quality, Swiss-made, 24-position stepped output volume attenuator, with large 64mm Ø dial. The positions are ultra-smooth with 2dB steps from 0dB to -30dB and 5dB steps thereafter to -65dB. The attenuator uses high-quality 1% resistors throughout its network.

Each output has a dedicated trim control on the top panel. The controls are all high-quality, smooth-turn potentiometers, made by ALPS. Each control has a range of -20dB to 0dB.


Two stereo inputs via 1/4″ TRS jack sockets, for connection from your audio interface or other line-level equipment. Accepts both TS and TRS jack connections.
One stereo input via RCA/Phono sockets, for connecting CD players or other unbalanced equipment.
One stereo 3.5mm TRS mini-jack socket, for quick referencing to any device with a similar socket (e.g. Smartphones).
Three stereo outputs via 1/4″ TRS jack sockets.


  • Input 1: Neutrik Stereo 1/4″ Jacks
  • Input 2: Neutrik Stereo 1/4″ Jacks
  • Input 3: Switchcraft Stereo RCA/Phono sockets
  • Input 4: Schurter Stereo 3.5mm Jack socket
  • Output A: Neutrik Stereo 1/4″ Jacks
  • Output B: Neutrik Stereo 1/4″ Jacks
  • Output C: Neutrik Stereo 1/4″ Jacks
  • 24-Position ELMA Attenuation Switch
  • ALPS Output Trim Controls
  • Mono: Sums the selected inputs to mono
  • Mute: Mutes both left and right channels
  • Dim: Attenuates the output by 25dB
  • Input and output switches are interlocking
  • Can use multiple inputs/outputs simultaneously
  • Hand-built in England


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