Noise Engineering Clep Diaz

Complex CV generator with step, LFO, and random modes

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  • Step mode
  • Random mode
  • LFO mode
  • 20 mm
  • 4 hp
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Noise Engineering Clep Diaz

Complex CV generator with step, LFO, and random modes

Clep Diaz is a multi-mode CV generator. The module generates stepped control voltages with variable progression and a maximum length of 32 steps. Alternatively, it can be used as a LFO or random generator. Thanks to clock and reset inputs, Clep Diaz is usable similar to a non-quantized CV sequencer. Three outputs emit unipolar and bipolar results plus trigger signals. Clep Diaz can be used for modulations as well as for creating (pseudo-)random melodies.

Clep Diaz features three modes of operation, in detail:

  • Step mode – The module generates stepped control voltages. The number of steps can be determined manually and altered via a CV input. At most, the module generates patterns with 32 steps. You can choose between three directions: Upward, downward and up / down alternating.
  • Random mode – Similar to the step mode, but the step values are altered via a random algorithm.
  • LFO mode – With this mode active, Clep Diaz generates a LFO waveform based on smooth noise. In addition to the amplitude, the ratio of ascending and descending edge can be edited. (Think saw-tooth, triangle and ramp, but less straight-forward.)

A clock input makes it possible to synchronize the module. A reset input was implemented as well. The BOC connector outputs a trigger signal each time the step or random sequence is restarted. In LFO mode, triggers are generated randomly. The sequence or LFO waveform is emitted at an unipolar and a bipolar output.


  • 4 HP
  • +12v: 44ma
  • -12v: 10ma
  • +5v: 0ma

20 mm



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