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Milk Audio Store is a store dedicated to producers, musicians and sound engineers.

We want to support the art and its growth by offering the best of technology in Professional and Consumer audio.

Milk Audio Store is both online and a physical reality, with a showroom and store in Rome able to offer solutions dedicated to the worlds of Synthesis and Pro Audio.

The great experience of the staff, gained through decades of work in the field, is available to professionals, musicians and amateurs to satisfy every request through direct and personalized support.

Milk Audio Store is distinguished by the high quality of the products sold in each department, both new and used, carefully selected to always offer sound excellence in every field of use according to artistic, technical and creative needs.


We believe in a world where Artists and Creatives can express their ideas and art by working in the best environment and conditions to give breath to their creativity, without technological limitations and with the best instrumentation.


We work to improve the quality of the work of artists, producers, musicians and creatives through the support of culture in audio and by carefully selecting our catalog of products to always ensure the highest quality of productions.

We know that Art and Creativity can benefit enormously from technology and innovation and that every creative process needs stimulation and inspiration. That is why Milk Audio Store offers the best technology and instrumentation in order to create an environment around the artist that can support his or her creativity and help keep the focus on the projects.


Milk Audio Store has carefully chosen its catalog, including only products that can guarantee high performance, durability and high quality such as signal cleanliness and extreme accuracy in sound processing.

We have also meticulously chosen the brands to work with, selecting the international companies most recognized by professionals around the world for their seriousness in production and service.

The proposal is aimed at offering everything you need to create your working environment down to the smallest detail, from the choice of microphones to the digital audio workstation. From the synth module to the studio monitors. From the choice of computer to the USB cable.

The product catalog, which includes professional audio instrumentation, synthesizers, computer and video accessories, and studio furniture, is carefully and meticulously created to always offer the ultimate in reliability, sound quality, and durability.


Alberto Rossetto - Milk Audio Store founder

Founder & Store Manager

Costantino Cerasoli - Pro Audio Sales Manager

Pro Audio Product Specialist

Giacomo Falciani - Synthesizer Sales Manager

Synthesizers Product Specialist

Mirko Mortaroli - Web and Catalog Manager

Web and Products Manager

Vincenza Pozzuto - Milk Audio Store Accounting

Administrative manager

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