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We ship our products worldwide by selecting from time to time the courier that can guarantee, at the best price, safety, speed and efficiency of service.
Shipments can be processed by Standard or Express service either to Italy or to any other country, depending on the destination area.

Shipping times may vary mainly depending on two factors: destination area and shipment weight.

Average times with express service from courier pickup:

  • Italy: 24 hours
  • Italy (Islands): 48 hours
  • Europe: 48-72 hours
  • Rest of the world: 3-6 days

Heavy goods (weighing more than 30 kg) may take longer (2-4 extra days) as the shipment will be entrusted to couriers dedicated to transporting heavy goods.

We will provide all possible options to meet each individual shipping need upon request.

Weight ranges and shipping rates

Freight charges are calculated according to the following weight ranges (item + packaging):

  • Envelope (spare parts or cables)
  • Small Box (up to 3 kg, e.g., Eurorack modules)
  • Medium Box (up to 8 kg, e.g., desktop modules, controllers or outboards)
  • Big Box (up to 11 kg, e.g., Ouboard, keyboard synths)
  • Very Large Box (up to 50 kg, e.g., small studio monitors or monitor stands)
  • Oversized Box (over 50 Kg., e.g., Midfield monitors or desks)

Free shipping:

Domestic (Italy) orders up to the "Big Box" weight range with a cart total over € 250 are processed with free shipping.

Italy Rates:


Weight band

Shipping cost
(€, excluding vat)* **

ITALY Envelope 11
ITALY Small Box 11
ITALY Medium Box 15
ITALY Big Box 22
ITALY Very Large Box 64
ITALY Oversized Box 82
ITALY, Above 250 € Envelope FREE
ITALY, Above 250 € Small Box FREE
ITALY, Above 250 € Medium Box FREE
ITALY, Above 250 € Big Box FREE

Europe and Rest of the World Rates:

Check here for a list of countries for each shipping zone.

Shipments, outside the European Community, may be subject to customs charges.


Weight band

Shipping cost
(€, excluding vat)* **

Zone 1 Envelope 20
Zone 1 Small Box 26
Zone 1 Medium Box 34
Zone 1 Big Box 36
Zone 1 Very Large Box 73
Zone 1 Oversized Box 83
Zone 2 Envelope 26
Zone 2 Small Box 37
Zone 2 Medium Box 43
Zone 2 Big Box 47
Zone 2 Very Large Box 103
Zone 2 Oversized Box 118
Zone 3 Envelope 20
Zone 3 Small Box 30
Zone 3 Medium Box 36
Zone 3 Big Box 40
Zone 3 Very Large Box 87
Zone 3 Oversized Box 99
Zone 4 Envelope 21
Zone 4 Small Box 34
Zone 4 Medium Box 43
Zone 4 Big Box 47
Zone 4 Very Large Box 97
Zone 4 Oversized Box 110
Zone 5 Envelope 26
Zone 5 Small Box 42
Zone 5 Medium Box 54
Zone 5 Big Box 60
Zone 5 Very Large Box 126
Zone 5 Oversized Box 145
Zone 6 Envelope 31
Zone 6 Small Box 43
Zone 6 Medium Box 70
Zone 6 Big Box 89
Zone 6 Very Large Box Call for a quote
Zone 6 Oversized Box Call for a quotation
Zone 7 Envelope 50
Zone 7 Small Box 59
Zone 7 Medium Box 107
Zone 7 Big Box 133
Zone 7 Very Large Box Call for a quote
Zone 7 Oversized Box Call for a quotation
Zone 8 Envelope 55
Zone 8 Small Box 66
Zone 8 Medium Box 115
Zone 8 Big Box 143
Zone 8 Very Large Box Call for a quote
Zone 8 Oversized Box Call for a quotation
Zone 9 Envelope 73
Zone 9 Small Box 95
Zone 9 Medium Box 146
Zone 9 Big Box 181
Zone 9 Very Large Box Call for a quote
Zone 9 Oversized Box Call for a quotation

Milk Audio Store SRL is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft in transit or for any other damage resulting from delay or non-delivery.

Note: We always try to state delivery times as accurately as possible on our site, however, despite our best efforts to keep the site up-to-date, delivery times may be delayed during holidays or particular times of the year (e.g. Black Friday). The time may vary depending on the items you choose.

For a more reliable estimate, write to our staff

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added to the shopping cart according to the expected rate in the destination country.

**As courier rates update, prices shown may change without notice.

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