Modcan Synthesizer Triple Osc

3 Oscillators controlled by a common CV or 1v/Oct

Modcan Synthesizers
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Three digital oscillators with a wide frequency range and a resolution of 100kHz/16Bit. Waveform pairs are available: either sine and sawtootch or pulse and triangle. The oscillators are mixed by a single control or a CV and the level is always constant, no matter how many oscillators are audible. The aim of today´s circuit designers is to build precise and very stable oscillators which track over many octaves and do not drift. Unfortunately this makes the oscillators sound too clean and too sterile  as the phase differences due to beating are missing. The Triple Osc simulates this "warmth" through imperfection: some linear detuning is added to exponential frequency control of oscillators 2 and 3 as long as the quantizer is in the OFF or OSC1 setting. If the quantizer is OFF, the inaccuracy effect is deactivated A small amount of random modulation applied to the phase of VCOs two and three, if pitched higher than the fundamental VCO, can add color to the sound without adversely affecting the perceived fundamental pitch and precise tracking of the main VCO. The Triple Osc adds a smooth cosign interpolated random noise modulation to simulate this effect. The internal semitone quantizer has three modes: 1.Off, 2.VCO1 only, 3.All 3 VCOs. Modes 1 and 2 add the tuning effects discussed above. Unique Hard Sync function allows VCOs to sound even when master frequency is greater than slave.
  • Crystal tuning stability with /-0.005% pitch tracking accuracy over 10 octaves
  • Frequency Range: 10 Octaves: 10Hz-10kHz
  • Output level: /-5V or 10Vpk-pk at 1Kohms
  • Input CV level: 0-10V at 100Kohms
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