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Welcome to the section of Milk Audio Store dedicated to Buchla modules.
In this department you will discover all the best modules, systems and accessories in Buchla format, a prestigious and sought-after brand. We are proud to offer such cutting-edge products in our audio department.

    Donald Buchla was, in parallel with Moog, the pioneer of these fantastic electronic instruments designed specifically for the experimental electronic musician who wants to get out of the box of classical synthesis. In fact these systems use the west coast synthesis and focus on the concept of additive synthesis. In this section you will find all the modules in the Buchla format (which can be housed in cases of various sizes), accessories and systems such as Skylab, Easel and Easel K. In addition, you will find more portable systems such as Lem Snoopy and Spider.


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    To date, Buchla systems have evolved and improved thanks to new technologies and new accessories available that make these tools more accessible and compatible with the latest products on the market.

    The most recognized synthesizer is the Buchla Music Easel: a “patchable” additive synthesis synthesizer that has brought so many musicians closer to this type of machines. Originally released in 1974, the design has remained completely unchanged from its original version, although it now has various accessories, expansions and auxiliary cards available to improve the approach to the synth.

    In 2004, the E series was released, a unique modular format that allows sending and receiving presets and information via the system’s power bus. Modules such as the 259E, 261E and 292 have been replicated in other formats over the years but nobody can replicate the timbre characteristics of a true Buchla module.


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    As the main Buchla retailer in Italy we can offer advice and all the information to build a system or to understand what its potential is.

    Write to synth@milkaudiostore.comto get in touch with our modular synthesis experts.

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