2HP Comp (used)

Compressor with Side Chain Functionality

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  • High Fidelity compressor module
  • Dedicated controls for threshold, ratio, attack, and release
  • Sidechain key input provides pumping effects
  • Attack and release times for the compressor
  • Make up gain is automatically calculated

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2HP Comp (used)

Compressor with Side Chain Functionality

2hp’s Comp is a compressor that allows for squashing and ducking of audio levels, providing more punchiness to your sound. Parameterized similarly to traditional outboard compressors, Comp is an easy way to get your dynamics under control and create pulsing sidechain swells.

Threshold sets the level that the compressor starts to work at, while ratio sets the level of audio compression. Attack and decay set the time it takes for the compressor to act on the input. External audio signals can be used to side chain the input signals. Often, this is used to duck or reduce levels of a lead line with the kick or vocals of a track, making them stand out more in the mix. Intentional exploitation of this feature can create pulsing, pumping dynamics that respond to the level of specific audio signals.

Compression is an important tool for signal mixing often overlooked in Eurorack, and the Comp brings it to your system in a small package.


  • Width: 2HP
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Power: +12V: 64mA, -12V: 8mA

45 mm



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