AVID Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt with Pro Tools HD Software

64 I/O High Performance Thunderbolt Audio Interface with Pro Tools HD Software

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Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt with Pro Tools HD Software

64 I/O High Performance Thunderbolt Audio Interface with Pro Tools HD Software

Unlike USB- or FireWire-based DAWs, which are inherently prone to latency, Pro Tools|HD Native now can employ a high-speed Thunderbolt interface to connect Pro Tools HD Series interfaces with your laptop. By eliminating distracting monitor latency while recording, increasing your I/O capabilities, and providing 64-bit floating-point processing for more headroom and a higher mix resolution, you get a professional native solution that meets the highest audio standards.

Create complex, high-quality audio productions using the full capabilities of Pro Tools HD software in a lower-cost native solution. For music and post-production professionals who want the absolute best performance possible on the host, Avid Pro Tools|HD Native is a new generation of Pro Tools core system that harnesses the power of your computer to deliver the lowest latency and highest stability of any native system.

ProTools HD Software

Get Pro Tools | HD your way—coming soon

You will now have more ways to get your hands on Pro Tools | HD. Purchase and own standalone Pro Tools | HD software (perpetual license) and create, edit, and mix anywhere. Subscribe on a low-cost annual basis and use Pro Tools | HD software only when you need it. Or purchase a Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native core system (hardware + software) at our lowest prices ever to achieve the best sound quality and performance possible (interfaces sold separately). The choice is yours.

Apply real-time effects to clips—just added

Tweak the sound of a clip without affecting the entire track. With Clip FX, you can apply real-time EQ and dynamics to a single clip or clip group on your timeline, enabling you to have different settings across multiple clips on a track. This gives you more precision control when working with multiple clips of related audio, such as dialog or voiceovers. This feature is available in Pro Tools | HD only, though Pro Tools supports Clip FX playback.

Re-record in the box—just added (requires Pro Tools | HDX)

Expedite audio post dubbing “in the box” with perfect click-free punch-ins. Using Pro Tools | HDX and any punch mode, the system calibrates and time aligns your stems so there’s no latency or audio artifacts when punching in and out of tracks or switching inputs. Both in the actual recording and what you hear live in real time.

Edit layers of audio more easily—just added

If you work in post, positioning countless audio clips to picture, you probably have multiple clips that overlap on a track. With new enhancements to the way Pro Tools handles such clips, editing audio is easier than ever. Clear only overlaps. Heal clips when removing one that overlaps two. Trim the starts and ends of two overlapping clips. Modify behaviors. And more.

Edit playlists more easily—just added

It’s now easier than ever to access and manage all of your playlists in Pro Tools. Quickly switch between playlists with new key commands. Easily scan and verify if there are multiple playlists on any given track with new visual indicators. And automatically send overlapped clips to new or existing playlists.

Adjust fades more easily—just added

You can now quickly adjust a fade in, fade out, or crossfade’s shape directly in the Edit window using the Smart Tool. Simply position your cursor over any clip’s fade area until it changes to the corresponding fade or crossfade cursor. Then click and drag left or right to change the fade’s shape and slope.

Collaborate in the cloud

Imagine being able to work on a session with friends, colleagues, or your favorite artist or producer with ease—no matter where they are in the world. You can with Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools. Record, edit, and mix sessions with others as if you’re all working together in the same studio. And find new collaborators through the online Avid Artist Community.

Capture amazing performances

Nobody’s perfect. But you can create the perfect take. Record pristine sound—at up to 32-bit/192 kHz—with a supported audio interface. Get near-zero latency with Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native for easier recording. Let spontaneity shine by tracking multiple passes of a section. Replace questionable sections non-destructively with QuickPunch recording. And create that flawless take by comping together the best performances.

Make music—virtually

Get access to a wide range of virtual instruments to record practically any part you need. Lay down beats with the drum machine, samples, and loops. Add bass, guitar, horns, strings, piano, and other accompaniments. And layer in a variety of other sounds to build up your song—from world instruments to sound effects. No matter what music genre is at hand, you’ll find thousands of possibilities to explore.

Pro Tools | HD
Pro Tools
Pro Tools | First


–  Maximum supported projects/sessionsUnlimited sessions stored on local or networked drivesThree projects stored in the cloud
– Maximum sample rate supported (hardware dependent)32-bit, 192 kHz32-bit, 96 kHz
– Maximum I/O (hardware dependent)256324
– ASIO, Core Audio, and EUCON support (for third-party interface and control surface integration)Yes
– Supported plug-in formats (virtual instruments, effects, and sound processors)AAX DSP (Pro Tools | HDX only), AAX Native, AAX AudioSuiteAAX Native, AAX AudioSuite
– Bundled softwareOver 60 included virtual instruments (thousands of sounds), effects, sound processing, and utility plug-ins, with optional access to 25 bonus plug-insOver 60 included virtual instruments (thousands of sounds), effects, sound processing, and utility plug-ins, with optional access to 17 bonus plug-insXpand!2 multitimbral music workstation (hundreds of sounds), plus over 20 effects, sound processing, and utility plug-ins





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