Dave Smith Instrument DSM01 Curtis Filter

THE legendary Curtis filter from the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

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SKU: 19354
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SKU: 19354

THE legendary Curtis filter from the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Dave Smith’s other instruments, now officially released as an Eurorack module by the master himself.
Resonant low pass filter with selectable slope, 12 or 24db/octave, selectable overdrive and an integrated VCA.
Dave Smith’s first Eurorack module is his true classic: the trademark low pass filter which has been used in the Sequential Circuit vintage synthesizers and still is used in Dave Smith Insturments’ modern machines.
It is based on a Curtis integrated circuit and soundwise it’s brash, saturated and powreful. The filter can be used in 12 or 24dB/octave slopes, in the latter setting it can oscillate. The boost switch activates overdrive for an even fatter sound.
Besides the filter function the module has a low-noise VCA after the filter. It’s activity is displayed by a LED. One output provides you with the filtered signal only (pre VCA), the other one carries the VCA output.
attenuated CV inputs for cutoff frequency, resonance
non-attenuated CV input for VCA
audio: input, output post filter (pre VCA), outout post VCA



27 mm


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