Maselec MPL2 – Stereo / De-Esser Limiter

Stereo / De-Esser Limiter

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Maselec MPL2

Stereo / De-Esser Limiter

The Maselec MPL-2 is housed in a 1U 19″ rack mount alloy case.

A minimum of controls is used due to automatic time constants and optimisation techniques for the gain reduction. The advantage is not only simple operation but also increased performance for highly dynamic and inconsistent materials without the need for continuous readjustments.
The input gain does not reduce the wide dynamic range of the limiter. It can be used at its maximum setting with no increased risk of distortion. This eliminates the need for excessive levels, which could cause clipping in equipment feeding the input of the limiter. A further benefit is that the maximum peak output level (set with the threshold) is independent of different gain settings.
High Frequency Limiting is primarily intended for use as a de-esser, reducing unattractive high frequencies. Part of the high frequency limiter circuit is also used to reduce distortion from the wideband limiter.
Users of the Maselec MPL-2 will notice the removal of spurious peaks, and an increase of subjective levels, without the coloration and increased distortion so often associated with soft clippers and other ultra fast limiters.


Input dynamic Range: Better than 115dB
Output dynamic range: 96dB to 115dB (depending on gain and threshold settings)
Maximum input level: 129dBu (balanced)
Maximum output level: 129dBu (balanced)
Distortion: Typically less than 0.003%
Limiter attack time: Instant
HF limiter attack time: Programme dependent 1msec to 20 msec
Release time: Programme dependent
Input impedance: 100kΩ ground floating electronically balanced
Output impedance: 34 34Ω electronically balanced
Threshold: 12dBu to 20dBu
H.F. Threshold: -14dBu to 20dBu
Gain: 0dB to 10dB
H.F. Limiter: >2kHz
Power: 90-130, 180-260 Volts @ 50-60 Hz
Fuse: 315mA, anti surge (slow)


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