Millennia NSEQ-2 (used)

Stereo parametric EQ, valve and solid state technology

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Millennia NSEQ-2 (used)

Stereo parametric EQ, valve and solid state technology

The NSEQ- 2 by Millennia is a 2-channel, 4-band parametric equalizer offering fully Class-A operation via discrete J-FET transistors or all-triode vacuum tubes. A front panel switch selects between the vacuum tube parametric equalizer and the fully discrete solid-state parametric equalizer. Both circuits are entirely transformerless, high-voltage, 100% Class-A biased, and minimalist in design.

The NSEQ-2 is minimalist in that it has only one active stage in the audio signal path, compared to 3 to 7 active amplifiers in the signal path of most designs. With fewer amplifier stages, the NSEQ achieves greater sonic integrity and heightened musical realism. Seasoned audio recording engineers are calling the NSEQ the most musically accurate analog EQ available at any price.

Transformerless design is another NSEQ-2 strong point. Transformers add coloration to audio signals that may be a great effect but are not conducive to sonic purity. Via innovative design techniques, the NSEQ-2 eliminates audio transformers entirely so the true musicality of Class-A vacuum tube equalization can be achieved without artifacts.


  • “Q” Range: Q = 0.4 to 4.0 Adjustable on middle ranges – Q = 1.0 Fixed on low &
  • high ranges
  • Maximum Output Level: > + 28 dBu (VT)
  • Maximum Input Level (EQ Flat): + 28 dBu (VT)
  • Maximum Input Level (EQ Full Boost): + 17 dBu (VT)
  • Frequency Response: +0 / -3 dB – sub 2 Hz to beyond 300 kHz
  • Frequency Response, Stereo Deviation: < .15 dB
  • Noise (All EQ Stages In, Controls Flat): -106 dBu (SS), -94 dBu (VT)
  • Maximum Boost (21 Step Detented): +20 dB (+10 dB with range switch in)
  • Maximum Cut (21 Step Detented):-20 dB (-10 dB with range switch in)
  • EQ Frequencies: Low Range Switch (Centers – Peak/Shelf Selectable): 20, 34, 56, 100, 180, 270
  • Low Mid Sweep: 20 Hz – 220 Hz or 200 Hz – 2.2 kHz. 10X Range switch selectable.
  • Hi Mid Sweep: 250 Hz – 2.5 kHz or 2.5 kHz – 25 kHz. 10X Range switch selectable.
  • High Range Switch (Centers – Peak/Shelf Selectable): 4.8 k, 5.8 k, 8.0 k, 10 k, 16 k, 21 k
  • THD + Noise: 20 Hz – 30 kHz, All EQ Bands Switched In – < .009%, typ < .003 % (VT or SS)
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio (With Balanced Option): 10 Hz – 20 KHz, 100 mV C.M. – > 60 dB, Typ > 80 dB
  • Slew Rate, +27 dBu Out: > 50 volts per microsecond
  • Main Hard-wire Bypass Switch For Each Channel? Yes
  • Peak/Shelf Selection On High & Low Range? Yes
  • Hard-wire Bypass Switching On Individual EQ Bands? Yes
  • Input Impedance: 25 kilohms
  • Minimum Output Load Impedance: 1 kilohm (VT), 150 ohms (SS)
  • Recommended Load: > 3 kilohms (VT)
  • Output Impedance: < 300 ohms (VT), < 5 ohms (SS)
  • Twin Topology EQ Amplifiers: Switch In: Pure Class-A Discrete J-FETs – Switch
  • Out: Pure Class-A Triode Tubes
  • Power Consumption: 40 watts maximum
  • Power Requirements: Selectable: 100-120, 200-240 V ac, 50/60 Hz
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