Mytek Private Q2 – 12 Channel Headphone Monitoring System

12 Channel Headphone Monitoring System

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Mytec Private Q2

12 Channel Headphone Monitoring System

Private Q2 12 channel headphone distribution system consists of a distribution/power supply rack, several satellite mixing stations and appropriate amount of snap-on DL-DL cables. Mixing stations mount easily on a mic or music stand and deliver 2×30 Watts of very loud and clear Class A sound. They give musicians comfort and the engineer peace of mind. Private Q2 is a self-contained system- no power amps or extra cabling is required. System is fully portable and can be easily setup in any tracking as well as living room. Here are two typical configurations of the PQ2 system.

The benefits include:
-Freedom of individual (12 channel) mixes for each musician. They play better.
-Loud and clear Class A sound. (30 Watts p/channel unachievable by any other system)
-Ease of use (5 mins to set up with snap-on multiwire cables, mic stand mountable)
-Private Q2 frees up console’s Aux sends
-High reliability
-Numerous ergonomical and operational advantages- Private Q2 is a workhorse!
-Floating configuration refers to rental and portable systems. Permanent installation is usually what works best for a permanent tracking studio.

Private Q2 is a new version of the headphone system made by Mytek. It’s functionally exactly the same as the original system now called Private Q Classic with the exception of connectors. Very expensive Cannon DL connectors were replaced with more affordable D36 centronics. The new connectors seem to also provide more reliable contact, particularly when operating in a dusty and busy environment. PQ2 is generally less expensive and in stock, and it is recommended for all new installations. PQ Classic can be made to order and is recommended only to augment already existing PQ Classic installation.

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