Prism Sound 8C-AD

8 analog output module for Prism Sound ADA8-XR

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Prism Sound 8C-AD

8 analog output module for Prism Sound ADA8-XR

The 8C-AD Analogue Line Input Module type PREV039/4/2 provides eight electronically-balanced analogue input channels to the ADA 8XR, on eight female XLR connectors.

Input line-up level (sensitivity) is variable for each channel over the range 0dBFS=+5.0dBu to 0dBFS=+24.0dBu, in 0.5dBu steps plus a fine trim.

Each channel has a Prism Sound Overkiller progressive limiter capability, which prevents the A/D converter from reaching full-scale, even when the input level significantly exceeds the selected input range. More information about the Prism Sound Overkiller can be found in the Technical Background section of the Operation Manual.

Control of the input line-up level and trim, and of the Overkillers, is via menus which are present in the ADA-8XR Menu System if the Module is fitted.


ConnectionsElectronically balanced inputs, female XLRs
Differential input impedance21k5 Ohm
Full-scale input range (software-controlled)+5dBu..+24dBu in 1dBu steps,
trims in 0.05dBu steps
Absolute gain accuracy+/-0.05dB
CMRR60Hz:<-100dB, 1kHz:<-90dB,
OverkillerSoftware selectable On/Off
THD+N(997Hz, -1dBFS) -105dB (0.0006%)
Dynamic range(997Hz, -60dBFS) 112dB
IMD (SMPTE/DIN, 60Hz@-3dBFS & 7kHz@-12dBFS)<-100dB
Maximum aharmonic spurium (997Hz @ -1dBFS)<-130dBFS
Frequency response fs=192kHz-0.05dB: 6.2Hz..50.2kHz;
-3dB: <1Hz..77.7kHz
Frequency response fs=96kHz-0.05dB: 6.1Hz..43.3kHz;
-3dB: <1Hz..48kHz
Frequency response fs=48kHz-0.05dB: 5.5Hz..22.8kHz;
-3dB: <1Hz..24.0kHz
Frequency response fs=44.1kHz-0.05dB: 5.0Hz..20.1kHz;
-3dB: <1Hz..22.0kHz
Passband ripple: 96kHz<0.015dB; 48kHz: <0.015dB
Inter-channel phase difference<0.03 degrees
Channel separation: 1kHz>125dB,
20Hz..20kHz: >117dB
Group delay (input to AES3 output)20/fs


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