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Welcome to the Pro Audio department of Milk Audio Store, here you will find sales and support for equipment dedicated to the recording studio, live concerts and music productions.

    Milk selects the best brands in the international Pro Audio market, including in its offer analogue Outboard of unquestionable quality and only the best manufacturers of DAWs, converters or sound cards.

    For the world of audio recording, we have carefully selected our catalog of professional condenser, ribbon or dynamic microphones, giving special attention to the most famous brands, such as Neumann, Brauner, Royer or Telefunken, but also giving plenty of space to innovative companies like Antelope Audio.

    If the choice of a microphone is very important, the same is also true for the choice of the right preamplifier for it.

    The best Pro Audio Gear, at the right price

    In our catalog you will find the most famous Microphone Preamps in rack format or 500 series, suitable for both studio and live use.

    Our selection of studio outboard is made with the most demanding technicians in mind. You will find Preamps, Compressors and Equalizers with discrete or valve circuits.

    To best judge and treat sound, it is also essential to use an extremely linear and quality Studio Monitor. Since monitor choice is extremely subjective, in Milk Audio Store we decided to provide a wide range of Studio Monitors to cater for the different tastes in sound and to every technical and acoustical need.

    Our offer is completed by giving much attention to the digital world, such as Soundcards, AD / DA converters, Clock generators, DAWs, Software and Plugins.

    Create a professional recording studio with our help

    Milk Audio Store wants to give you the maximum support in setting up your recording studio: any product or accessory not yet present on the site can be bought from us. DAW computers, Hard Disks, Microphone Stands, Expansion Boards, Extenders, etc. So don’t hesitate to ask or contact our staff. Whether you want to set up a studio from scratch, or are about to update your gear, you will always be assisted by highly qualified staff with decades of technical experience in the studio.

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