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Eurorack Modular Systems – Modules and Accessories

Eurorack modules respect a specific format dedicated to modular synthesizers, born in Europe in the ’90s by Dieter Doepfer‘s idea.
Many synthesizer makers have embraced this format, kicking off a true revolution in modular synthesis. Today, musicians around the world are assembling their Eurorack modular systems with unique and innovative sound.
In fact, the spread of these modules comes mainly from the huge possibility of customizing their system.

The main areas of use of the Eurorack modules are music production, electronic music, sound design and of course live music.
Milk Audio Store offers a wide choice of modules designed and built by leading manufacturers such as Make Noise, Intellijel, Mutable Instruments, Doepfer, Noise Engineering, TipTop Audio, Hexinverters, Expert Sleepers and many more.

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