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Eurorack Modular Systems – Modules and Accessories

Welcome to the section dedicated to Eurorack modules. Here you will find synth modules, accessories, patch cables and everything you need to set up your modular synthesizer.

The birth of the Eurorack format

Eurorack modules respect a specific format dedicated to modular synthesizers, born in Europe in the 90s from an idea by Dieter Doepfer.

Many synthesizer manufacturers have embraced the eurorack format, starting a true revolution in modular synthesis.

Thanks to the modules designed and built by the most important manufacturers, today musicians can assemble customized modular synthesizers with unique and innovative sounds.

In fact, the diffusion of these modules derives mainly from the enormous possibility of customizing one’s own system.


The modular travel synthesizer and studio synth

The main areas of use of the Eurorack modules are currently music production, electronic music, sound-design and of course live music.

The infinite possibilities offered by the modular system allow you to set up systems dedicated to travel, choosing compact cases that allow transport by plane, keeping the patches intact, or dedicated to production studios, with much larger and more capacious cases that allow you to mount numerous modules all within the same system.

Make your own modular synthesizer with the help of our staff

Milk Audio Store offers a wide range of Eurorack accessories and modules to create modular synthesizers suitable for any musical need: music production, sound-design, composition, even live performances! Whether you’re new to electronic music or a pro, you’ll always find something that’s right for you in our huge selection of products.

Furthermore, our staff is always at your support on site or via chat or telephone.

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